Sunday, January 16, 2011

Funky Cool Stripes

There's only one thing better than turning a strand of yarn into a totally useful wearable item, and that is - turning all those leftover bits of yarn into totally funky cool useful wearable items like this:

I haven't decided yet whether I'm quite funky or cool enough to wear these stripes myself so I think these might go into the box of things to be given to charity.  I know there's someone out there somewhere who would be happy to have these.  And speaking of charity, check out this great supply of yarn that Jen gave me from her stash.  This'll keep me busy for a while knitting things to be donated.  Thanks, Jen!

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. You are so enough funky and cool to wear those stripes!! :) The set is awesome! Have fun knitting. I'm on my second scarf for charity! :)

  2. Of COURSE you are funky and cool enough! If you are cool enough to think of this awesome stripey colour-combo, then you are DEFINITELY cool enough to wear it! You have to wear it and strut, lady! You are on a serious roll with the knitting! Great weather for it, hey? ;)


Thanks! I appreciate your comments.