Friday, May 13, 2011

Pioneer Women & Potatoes

I'm still using my Counterfeit Kit to scrap my vacation photos from last year when I came out west to visit Jen and Rob before our family moved here.  We visited Fort Edmonton Park, one of Jen's favourite places to go.  This is a heritage park that takes you back in time as you walk the different streets representing four periods in history from 1846 to 1929.

Jen and I like to think we would have enjoyed living in simpler times, being pioneer women, but in reality I'm not sure how well we would make out in such a life!  How would we blog??  I love this photo that Robert took of us.  It really was a fun day and we plan on going back for another visit this summer.

I used this sketch from Let's Capture These Sketches:

And now on to the "Potatoes" part of this post.  My son, Matthew, likes to cook.  The only problem is that he doesn't like to follow recipes.  He thinks that improvising and substituting demonstrate some sort of super "chefness" but it usually just results in an end product that noboby wants to eat.  Several of his creations spring to mind - Rosemary Sweet Potatoes with waaaay too much rosemary, guacamole with a skewed avacado-tomato ratio, and his own original recipe for salad dressing that contained a hint of cinnamon.  Yum!

Yesterday Matthew decided to make Potato Bisque.  In addition to the ingredients called for, he grabbed the thyme and basil just because he likes those herbs.  Now maybe the bisque would have tasted fine with these additions, but I like potato soup a lot and I really wanted to have a bowl of it that tasted like it was meant to be, so once again I suggested that he follow the recipe and for whatever reason he decided to listen to me!

He made a wonderful potato bisque with only one minor incident when the milk boiled over (and I mean ALL OVER) resulting in a 20 minute clean-up.  I told him that I had to blog about his soup so that I'd have this memory of his journey to "super chefness"!   I'm sure even the great chefs of the world started out following recipes.  :-)

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. That potato soup looks good!!! I love your LO!!! The mix of papers and colours is so striking! Loving the title work and embellishment clusters!! Great title and I love this photo of us! :) Hee hee to us being pioneer women but..... maybe we could still be Courier de Bois. ;)

  2. Great job on this sketch. The 2 little stiches are so sweet...makes me think of the 2 of you. Love the stories about the chef and his creations!

  3. This is really cute!! I love the fun papers and what a great sketch you found! LOVE potato soup!

  4. Pretty layout and the soup looks tempting!

  5. Mmm, potato soup sounds yummy! And your layout is very pretty!

  6. What a beautiful layout!!! Love the color combo. xoxo

  7. LOL! I love the story you shared about your chef-in-progress. Beautiful layout! You did a great job with this sketch. So many pretty details.

  8. LOL! Looks yummy! That reminds me of my little sister's "Secret recipes". If she ever made me anything with her "Secret recipe", I learned not to eat it, because that meant that it had sprinkles in it! The worst was sprinkles in milkshakes. It was like drinking sand icecream! Super cute layout, too - I'm loving the little bumblebee!


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