Monday, June 27, 2011

"Flowers for Mom"

It's funny how scrapbooking goes.  Most times a layout comes together pretty much how I expected it would.  Other times it will morph into an end result that I didn't imagine but is pleasantly surprising.  And every once in a while it will take a horrible turn for the worse and I wonder how, despite my best intentions, I could have created such a thing.  That's what happened last night.

I'd had some photos sitting on my desk for weeks which I really wanted to scrap and since I hadn't done a layout in quite a while I figured it was high time I got down to my scrap room to create.

I'd picked out the perfect papers and embellishments and everything was moving along nicely at first but the further I got into it the less I liked what I was looking at.  I kept telling myself it would all turn out okay but when the layout was finished I put it up on my display wall and couldn't stand it.  It was all too busy and my photos just seemed to disappear into the background paper I'd used.  It was a mess.

My family tried to convince me that it was a beautiful thing but I had the strong desire to rip it apart right then and try to fix it.  But by this time it was past 10pm so I decided to sleep on it and see if it looked any better in the morning.

Well, I woke up early this morning and went straight downstairs to have another look and decide if I liked my layout any better.  Nope.  Not one bit.  So, the disassembly began.  The search for the perfect background paper started.  I made it right.

I couldn't live with being less than happy with this layout because apart from the journaling that I wrote, looking at it reminds me of all the other funny things that have happened with Matthew starting a new job and working shifts into the wee hours of the morning.  It had to be just right.

Here's the final version that makes me happy when I look at it!

I used Sketch #119 from Creative Scrappers.

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. Ok... I want to see what it looked like before!! LOL I think this is beautiful. I love the colors. The crate paper background makes the colors just pop! And I completely understand with LO's not working out. Happens to all of us! :)

  2. This layout is lovely. But I know that feeling - I think you are very wise to sleep on it. That's what I try to do too, otherwise I'd be wasting a lot more paper. Layouts almost always look better after you've been away from them for a bit.

  3. What a great LO Susan!! I can totally relate to the ripping it apart thing and it is always so worth it to get it right! Love this new paper choice. The photos really shine! Love the two photo effects and the repeat of the image! Totally wonderful in every way!! I should try typing for my journaling one of these days!! The flowers really were a great take home!! :)

  4. Ohh, this is really nice! I have to admit, though, that I wish I could see the "Before" because that exact same scenario has happened to me!


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