Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Handmade Embellishments

Scrappy Tuesday saw Jen and I working on more handmade embellishments - birds, flowers and bowties.

We started off with some simple stamped birds, using the Cricut to cut them from kraft cardstock and then stamping with different texts and using tiny gems for the eyes.  We made two sizes and stamped both sides so that they can be placed in whatever direction future layouts call for.

Next we worked on some really cute flowers.  These are very simple to make but trickier than you might think.  You need a sheet of paper that is very plain on one side and has a lot of small pattern on the reverse.  You punch 1" circles or seal shapes,  fold in two sides and then glue six of these to a 1.5" base circle to form the flower.  Simple!  But the tricky part is getting that fold just right and consistent for each circle so that they all fit properly to fill the base!  We got better at it as we went along but did end up with some that had 5 or 7 petals or looked just plain wonky. (We put the nicer looking ones in the giveaway box!)

Finally we tried our hand at making bowtie embellishments.  Basic Grey has just come out with these for their two new paper lines, Out of Print and Oxford.  We loved the look and figured we could easily make our own.  Once we figured out the best way to assemble them, we had a bit of a production line going with Jen preparing the paper and me working on the fabric.  The end result is so cute!

As we've been creating all these goodies over the past two weeks, we've been adding some to our giveaway box at the same time.  Next Tuesday we'll be finishing up a few more items to be included and will post the info about our giveaway.  Let's hope that the Canada Post strike won't last too long so we'll be able to get the prize out to the lucky winner quickly!

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. They look terrific Susan! Now we just have to bring ourselves to actually use one on a page. hee hee I might use a bowtie on my next LO if things go as planned!

  2. Susan You and Jen did a awesome job on your goodies. I think I will try a few of the flowers tonight. They look so much like spring. What Cricut cart. did you use for the birds? Your bowies truned out really cute also. I did a bowtie on my last Counterfeit kit blog hop but I think I like yours better.

  3. I love them, and I am counting down to your giveaway...even though I don't know when it is! LOL Don't keep me hangin' or I'll be counting into the negatives! LOL

  4. oooooooooooooooo those little flowers are divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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