Monday, July 18, 2011

The Best Part of Geocaching...

...isn't necessarily finding caches.  Our planned day of geocaching for Richard's first day of vacation definitely didn't go as we had planned.  We spent hours last night preparing a geocaching plan and entering waypoints into the GPS for what we thought would be a fun day in the Blackmud Creek ravine not too far from home.  This morning we packed a lunch to bring along and set out on our adventure.

However, this ravine didn't turn out to be like the one we're familiar with at the end of our street which has clearly marked entrances and well-maintained trails to travel on.  Today's ravine turned out to be more of a "wilderness" ravine and between the heat of the day, the unbearable swarms of mosquitoes, the thick mud that stuck like crazy to the bottoms of our shoes and our inability to find a good way in to where we needed to be to look for caches...well, our adventure was a bit of a failure to say the least.

But there's always a bright side to be found in every situation and because of the untouched nature of this ravine we actually encountered two deer!  The first we saw was quite close to us but took off running when he saw us.  The second deer stood just outside the edge of the treeline for at least ten minutes, grazing and keeping an eye on us.  Unfortunately I didn't have my good camera with me so I wasn't able to get a decent close-up shot but I'm still happy I was able to capture the moment with my small camera. :-)

We ended up coming back home to eat our picnic lunch and then devised an alternate geocaching plan for the afternoon.  Once again, not as successful as we would have liked - we only found 3 of the 8 caches on our list, but still good exercise and fun and a nice start to our vacation week.

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. Too bad the caching didn't go great but getting this photo is soooo worth the trip!! How neat to think of nature like that so close to home!! :) You guys were brave to go out on such a hot day.

  2. i only heard abt geo caching from you & Jenn ! whatever it is , sounds like a lotta fun for you guys alright !

  3. Awesome! What a cool moment to run into two deer! I am still planning to try geocaching with Cliff. We have downloaded the app for my iPhone and there are a bunch of caches around here, but I'm just not sure that my phone's GPS capabilities will suffice...I'm considering buying a GPS but what if we don't use it? I guess at least we'll never get lost in the city again! LOL


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