Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 Things - Creative Hobbies

I discovered the "10 Things" idea through Shimelle Laine's blog.  It orginates from her online course Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers and although I didn't take the course, I thought it would be fun to play along just the same since I'm a bigtime list-maker.  It's simple and the "rules" go like this:

"Ten Things on the 10th: Participants will share something totally of their own creation - but always ten things. Some will share ten photos, ten crafty ideas, ten sources of inspiration, ten recipes, ten things in a collection... always ten things and always on the tenth of the month."

I gave it some thought and since crafting of one type or another has been part of my life for such a long time, I decided to make a chronological list of 10 Creative Hobbies that I've had so far in my lifetime.

1) Macrame - My first attempt at doing anything really crafty around 12 years of age.  I borrowed a book from the public library and with a very limited budget bought a spool of really cheap jute and some brown wooden beads with the notion of making a plant holder to suspend from the ceiling.  In the end I may have succeeded in making myself an itchy bracelet and that was the end of my foray into the world of macrame.

2) Embroidery - My grandmother had lots of embroidered tablecloths which inspired me.   As a young teenager she taught me different stitches and gave me iron-on pattern transfers that were her's from long ago.  I accumulated a nice collection of my own patterns but as I'd given up embroidery for other things many years ago, I finally donated them to charity last year before we moved across the country.

3) Knitting - My mother is an accomplished knitter but knitting was never something that I was very interested in until recently.  As a teenager I managed to knit myself a simple scarf  and I actually succeeded in making a knit Santa Claus ornament for our Christmas tree.  It's only since moving close to Jen that my interest in knitting has been renewed and we're even going to attempt to knit socks this fall.

4) Crochet - Granny Squares!  The easiest thing to crochet.  Brainless work and so much fun to make but eventually you end up with way too many crocheted blankets in your home!  I also crocheted fancy doilies but have no idea where they are now.

5) Cross-Stitch - The problem here was that I created lots of finished pieces but never had them framed because of the cost.  I eventually realized there was no point in doing this anymore.  The only piece I ever had framed was made for Matthew's nursery before he was born.  It's been packed away for the past 18 years and when I took it out to photograph the other day I sadly discovered that the bottom part of the fabric has become spotted and discoloured.  Maybe it has something to do with the insect that crawled out of the empty cocoon I found in the box?  :-(  

6) Country Crafts - I wasn't sure what to call this category but I spent many years using sewing, embroidery and cross-stitch skills to make all sorts of things but mostly lots of handmade Christmas ornaments and decorations.  My family all own little pieces of evidence of the time I put into this hobby!  I owned quite a collection of books which I just recently donated to charity.

7) Quilting - "Let's Make a Patchwork Quilt" was the book I found in the sale bin at Coles which started a fifteen-year passion for making quilts.  Again my family all own pieces of this hobby of mine and my linen closet houses a shelf full of quilts too.  With age, my eyes aren't what they used to be and quilting is not as easy as it once was.  I vowed to work on my Dear Jane quilt, my ultimate quilt, and finish it this year but after three weeks my back was letting me know that I need a proper quilting frame if I'm ever to complete it.  I currently own 10 quilts that are sitting in various states waiting to be finished.  Someday maybe...

8) Candlemaking - I enjoyed making candles for a brief period of time but knew quickly that this wasn't going to be a long-term hobby for me.  Still, it was fun choosing scents and colours and I've kept all of my supplies in case candlemaking ever calls my name again.

9) Decorative Painting - Lots of technique to learn and a really steady hand is needed! Another passing hobby for me but I'm happy to have created some really nice things in the process. 

10) Scrapbooking - and this is where I am today.  Enjoying this great hobby that let's me create a finished product in a short period of time, is not hard on my eyes or my back, requires minimal knowledge of special techniques and let's me capture memories of my life in the process!  What more could I ask for?

If you'd like to read more 10 Things on the 10th posts, visit Shimelle's blog where you'll find links to more.

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. Terrific post Susan!! You are some crafty!! I don't remember the macrame phase but the rest all rings a bell. Remember your tiger t-shirt? I have one of your fancy doilies on my night table!

  2. This was fun to read!! I did the macrame too! LOL Attempted sewing and I used to paint all those little plaster Christmas ornaments from Michael's. It was like a tradition for a handful or so of years. I still have them all and they go on my tree. Interspersed in there was x stitching. Now, just scrapbooking for me.

  3. What a cool idea for a post! You're a multitalented lady! Over the years, I've tried my hand at a few different hobbies, but I haven't ever become truly proficient at any one except for scrapping! Cross-stitch, crochet, that faux-stained-glass painting and the one where you drip the paint over a piece of glass (I can't remember what they're called!), patchwork quilting, beading, sewing clothes...yes, I'm not multi-talented, but I am multi-experienced! LOL

  4. Enjoyed reading your post..loving your list and i sooo wosh i could learn to crochet!!

  5. Oooh I remember macrame! I had baskets with plants in all over the place!!!
    Isn't it strange how something like that goes out of fashion? Apart from the painting I have had a go at all of the crafts in your list. Thanks for sharing such a great list.


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