Thursday, August 11, 2011


We are back from a short vacation in beautiful Jasper, Alberta, and Matthew, being the nature-lover that he is, was keen to come along with us on this trip.  I loved my trip to Banff last summer with Jen and Rob but the wildlife was a bit disappointing, two elk (and a chipmunk!) being the only animals that we saw.  Jasper, on the other hand, did not disappoint.

There were lots of animals as we travelled along the road and we stopped like all the other tourists to take pictures.  At other times we found quiet spots to just sit and enjoy the beauty of the scenery and an animal would come walking into view.  They were amazing to watch.

For me the most exciting thing was when we saw a bald eagle.  We had pulled into a stop area to stand and enjoy the view.  Matthew noticed something in a nearby tree and thought at first that it was a bee hive.  When he looked again he realized it was an eagle!  Richard had wandered further off with the camera so we had to try to quietly call him back to get a photo.  He just managed to get a shot from the distance before a biker started up his motorcycle to leave the rest area and the bird flew away.

Although we saw signs posted which warned of the danger of bears in the area, we didn't encounter any during our travels or walks.  This was the closest we got to a bear as we walked around downtown Jasper.  Luckily for me, Matthew is always game to pose for a silly photo.

We also drove into British Columbia one afternoon just so we can now say we've been to BC.   I'm not sure why this was such a thrill for us, but it was!  LOL  Matthew did the running-from-one-spot-to-the-other thing saying, "Now I'm in Alberta, now I'm in BC, now I'm in Alberta, now I'm in BC".  He may be 21 but he's a kid at heart and always a joker.  We drove about 60km into BC and the difference in the humidity compared to Alberta was unbelievable.  It was raining and the air had the same wet, heavy feel to it that we were used to in Quebec.  We just stood there breathing it in, remembering how it had been in Quebec and thinking about how different Alberta is.

In short we enjoyed three days of spectacular views and awesome wildlife which reminded us how fortunate we are to live in this amazing country called Canada.

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. Great photos ... well down. I see Matt was enjoying Jasper's lap. Also congrats with getting 2 more followers (dbnl)

  2. An amazing country for sure, eh! ;) Loved these photos and the photo of Matt with the bear is hilarious!! You have got to scrap this one too!! This is why I have too many albums. The wildlife is wonderful. Glad you guys got your fill!

  3. I think this whole northern area is beautiful. We love driving and hiking to places like that!!! When we were out on the paddleboat on the 4th of July, we saw a bald eagle in a nest... definitely too far to photography. But it is always cool to see. A not so cool spot to see them is in the median eating off of roadkill.. gross... cool seeing the bird, but just kind of gross. There was one in the median eating on the way home one evening (about a mile from my house). LOL Glad you had an awesome time!!!

  4. Speaking of wildife, Susan forgot to mention the abundant mosquito wildlife we encountered. I spent the first 30 minutes at war with the mosquito population that had invaded our cabin.(we concluded that the door was left open when the cabin was cleaned) once the population was decimated, they did not return. Our 3 days in the park were filled with adventure and 'Oh my, it's so beautiful' moments. Had a really great time. YDH

  5. oooo ! i love armchair travelling thru these pics ! lol wonderful !!

    P/s : Thank you soo much for your well wishes today ! ;)

  6. wow susan, great pictures of wildlife - I only seem to get bum shots. The Bald Eagle was fantastic. Glad you got to see some great country. terry

  7. So fantastic! I love that drive. I'm in BC right now, as it happens, and I'm soaking up the humidity! :) What awesome photos you got! :)


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