Sunday, February 3, 2013

oh snap! - CSI Case No. 56

I decided to try my hand at doing the weekly colour challenge over at the CSI site this past week.  Jen has always been a big fan of these challenges and I was inspired to give it a try since it's been about three months since I've done a new layout and it's time I got something accomplished in that regard!

This page went together very quickly.  I didn't let myself agonize over details as I usually do!  I probably spent more time going through my stash to select papers and supplies than I did in actually creating the page.  The "pale greyish teal" in the palette gave me lots of problems (Jen would attest to that fact) but I finally found the right shade, although as usual it has not photographed very well to show its true colour here.  :-(    
I used my vintage typewriter to do my journaling.  This was an amazing find from our local antique market and was a steal at only $25, a gift to me from Jen and Rob during one of our "Friday Field Trips", which basically means that Robert gets dragged around half the day chauffeuring Jen and I to all sorts of places that he really doesn't want to be and buys us lunch in the process.   What a guy!  I absolutely love my typewriter but the one downside is that there's no easy way to correct errors other than starting over.  I went through three shipping tags before I finally got it right! 

I used this sketch from Creative Scrappers:

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. It's a great page, Susan. I like the design. Your red embellishments just pop on there. :) Need to find you some white shipping tags and see if they still sell the correction tape/liquid they used to use when typewriters were so prevalent. ;)

  2. Terrific LO! Here's to finding the perfect teal!! The typed tag looks so great! That font is worth going through a few shipping tags. So glad you played along. Maybe I should try to figure something out for this week. The challenges as so much fun. We need to have a "Friday Field Trip" soon! It has been too long and I'm sure that Rob is missing his quality time with the White sisters. BWAAHAHAHA


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