Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Leaf Hunt - CSI Case No. 61

I've been sleuthing again this week, solving another case from CSI.  These challenges are really helping me to catch up on all those photos that have been sitting here, some for a couple of years, waiting to be scrapped and added to my albums.  This week's palette did not disappoint and as soon as I saw it I knew exactly what  I was going to do with it.

This time it's a photo of Jen, taken in October 2010 when we were still living in Quebec and she and Rob came for a visit.  Autumn colours in the east are quite different than the west.  Here in Alberta you don't get the beautiful, brilliant reds and oranges and Jen was determined to bring a little bit of that back home with her. One day we took a drive to the neighborhood where we grew up to have a look at some familiar landmarks and reminisce a bit.  We searched for colourful trees and Jen started her hunt for the perfect leaf.

In creating this page I was once again faced with the dreaded "missing letter" dilemma.  This set of black Thickers I've used on the page is absolutely my all-time favourite and I reach for it often.  I've used it so much that by now I'm not even particular about whether I'm using uppercase or lowercase letters as long as I find the letters I need!  My chosen title, "Leaf Hunt", was very short so I thought I'd be okay but wouldn't you know it - there were no L's left!  I pondered what to do for a few minutes and finally found the solution - turn a "7" upside down and you've got a cool "L".  Problem solved and I really like the way it looks.

I used this great sketch from Pagemaps:

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. What a neat page!!! I love it!! I have some of that collection. I need to dig it out. Great job with making the letters work. :) I have used an upside down 3 as a capital E too. ;)

  2. Love this LO Susan! That was a fun day and so exciting to be in Montreal in Fall. I miss those colours still. Love your stitched circle and the use of colour and B&W pics. I'm going to do that soon. I love the look.

  3. great LO susan. It was a blast watching Jen hunting for that perfect leaf. You did a great job. Well done DBnL


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