Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Never Underestimate the Value of a Penny...

In February of this year Canada eliminated the penny from its currency.  No new pennies are being minted.  If you happen to still have some pennies on hand you are free to use them when making cash transactions, but if you've run out of pennies, as we all will eventually, then your transaction is either rounded up or down to the nearest five cents.  This feels like a cheat to me because I wonder who is going to come out on the winning end.  I like things to be exact.  Some people are happy to see the penny disappear because they feel it no longer has a place in this world where the majority of transactions are not carried out in cash, but I felt a bit sad about the whole thing.

I like the penny.  And I like all of the expressions we have that go along with it...
A penny for your thoughts.
A penny saved is a penny earned.
It costs a pretty penny.
And my personal favourite, a little rhyme:
Find a penny
Pick it up
All day long
You'll have good luck!
Because even though my family laughs at me for doing it, I never pass a penny on the street without picking it up!  I am mocked.  They don't understand why I would make the effort to retrieve a coin that holds so little value.  And honestly, in today's world is there really anything you can buy for a penny?  Well, if you're in the right place at the right time and it happens to be your very lucky day then the answer to that question would be, "Yes! You can buy this."
Jen and I stopped into Michaels yesterday because I needed to pick up a skein of floss for stitching on my scrapbook pages.  She suggested that we take a look at the liquidation section of the store. You never know what sort of bargain you might find, so off we went.  Right away I spied a Martha Stewart punch - an interesting all-over design that might be useful for adding some dimension and negative space to my pages.  The regular price was $29.99 and it was marked down to $7.99.  After a quick test to make sure it was working properly I decided to buy it.

The cashier scanned the floss and the punch and told me the total was 53 cents.  "That can't be right," I said, to which she replied, "That's how it scanned, ma'am, so that's what I have to charge you."  And sure enough, I looked at the register screen and there it was - Martha Stewart Punch: 0.01.  One cent!  I quickly paid my 55 cents (my transaction had rounded up but this time it didn't bother me!) then felt like I needed to run from the store before somebody changed their mind about the whole thing.
A Martha Stewart punch for one cent.  Who says you can't buy anything for a penny?  The funny thing is, if the punch had been the only item I'd bought I would have got it for free because the transaction would have rounded down to 0.00.  Even if I only ever use this punch one time I'll still be saying, "That was a penny well spent!"

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. wow that definitely was a penny well spent!
    I love the saying "look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves"
    enjoy your bargain punch.

  2. Fun post and such. a. bargain! Still makes me happy to think of this. This punch is awesome and I can't wait to give it a go eventually. Start the car! Start the car! LOL

  3. This was a fun post!!! :) Definitely was a penny well spent!! hee!hee! I have a few of your pennies around my house. Yes, I pick up the Canadian ones as well as ours when I see them.. as well as the quarters. I am going to add them (one penny, one quarter and the Loonie from Jen- thanks Jen ;) ) to my scrapbook page of Ben in Canada down in Florida in the World Showcase in Epcot-Disney World.

    You must bring your punch to Jen's for your next scrappy adventure. :)

  4. You are the bargain queen! I think this is the best bargain I have ever heard of. I'm a bend-down-and-pick-up-a-penny kind of girl myself: look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves!


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